I’ve always loved tattoos, the look, the vibe of carrying someones art around and also designing tattoos for others to carry around just got me.

i do not poke my designs myself (yet) but for now, if you are interested in getting a tattoo designed by me u can purchase some of my flash or request your own designs (via mail or instagram).

this was a very quick, last minute design for a friend. @toryxtrace on instagram 

the tattoo artist adapted it a little and the studio is: ulfic-tattoo.at in niederösterreich 

here are some flash design ideas you can purchase to get tattoed:

flash prizes:

small, less detailed: 10-20 bucks
medium sized/detailed: 20-40 bucks
larger lots of detailes: 40-60 bucks

custom design: 
small: 17-30 bucks
medium: 30-60 bucks
large: 60-170 bucks

i really hope you respect my art as much that u don’t just take a design and get it tattooed. also it would be nice if the tattoo artist can poke it as close to the original as possible (bec it’s my design and i’d appreciate it staying like i intended it to look like)!

thank u!