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my name is cor and i’ve decided to try n protect our planet a little and create a sustainable small business. i don’t want to support our regular, common consumer habits anymore (buying new products such as clothes and accessories or else). i want to rely on reusing/recycling/reviving materials/widgets or also using sustainable biodegradable materials and not buying new ones, i’m also trying my best to live a minimal ("zero") waste lifestyle for a while now too, it’s definitely not that easy nowadays but we just have to try our best^-^

my store is perfect for people who like to shop some arts and crafts from time to time but not hurt the environment as much and obviously for everybody enjoying my artwork and creations :)

almost every single product is unique and handmade, by myself or my mum, she especially helps me out with sewing stuff.
i make everything at home in my little art-studio except the stickers, which i order online.
i will not use new plastics/packaging materials at all, only collected/reused from previously recieved orders and i will reuse cardboards and paper i collected as well.

if u want to support me in a different way than buying from my shop u could follow me on instagram for example and like my posts and stuff:) or you can look through your wardrobe or jewelry, maybe there’s stuff u don’t use anymore and i can renew it :). and if there is something you would throw out, rather get it to me, i will recycle every piece of fabric u don’t need, don’t be shy (even if it has holes or whatevs i can definitely still use it in some way) and small items like keychain rings/chains or similar stuff is welcome too, i will take everything you don’t use anymore and renew it! 

mostly needed items are: tote bags (freebies with logos for exmpl), shirts/tops, fabrics/bed sheets, towels, and "old" clothing in general. i will definitely do u a favor in return (like a comission for example or producs from my shop etc.)

best way to get the stuff to me is if we could meet (if ur in vienna or salzburg) but u could also mail it to me, you can contact me via email at or text me on instagram @cor.divie for details.