recycled, "stay weird" embroidered, unisex t-shirt


VAT exempt due to the small business regulation, plus shipping

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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Weeks

reworked, hand-embridered “stay weird“ on 100% cotton T-shirt.

hand-embroidered, rainbow "stay weird" design on reworked, tinged with grey T-shirt.
decorated with a few cut holes (to make it a bit more "edgy"^^).


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i’d say it’s a regular L


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embroidred with recycled cotton twine,
washed before shipping!

customer can not complain their renewed shirt due to the fact that it’s been recycled already and might wear out a tiny bit faster than new clothing.
(if the shirt is completely not wearable anymore cut/reuse it a third time as cleaning cloth for example:))

if there are any problems please get in contact with me. :)