pocket baggies/ organizers, handmade


VAT exempt due to the small business regulation, plus shipping

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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Weeks

little pouches for all your little items

small handsewn baggies for your stuff like money, jewelry, talismans or else


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numbers 1 to 5 vary from 
7,5 cm (3 inch) in width to
11 cm (4,3 inch) in width 

number 6 & 7 are approximately 
20 x 12 cm (7,9 x 4,7 inch)


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baggies are all 100 % cotton 

nr. 3 is tiedyed with marabu fabric dyes,
fixated with Simplicol color fix,
washed before shipping!

all with a zipper to close it up

customer can not complain their bag due to the fact that it’s been handsewn & stamped, time-consuming and meant to use up "old" materials.
(if the bag is completely not usable anymore reuse it a third time as cleaning cloth for example:))

if there are any problems please get in contact with me. :)