patchwork lace vest reversible πŸͺ„ M/L


VAT exempt due to the small business regulation, plus shipping

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Delivery Time 1 - 4 Weeks

handsewn together from scraps and painted with bleach

handsewn "scrap-style" product, tiedyebpatch look in beiges, browns and greens. Reversible to a white side with flower details in white as well.

perfect for hot days (don’t sunburn ur shoulders :p)


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S - M/L
medium crop (not a short crop) 

not stretchy.
check measurements on pictures for exact details 
items are build for more than one size only, the bigger your chest the tighter & shorter the crop, so if you are unsure measure yourself and check in with the pictures.


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100% cotton-scraps

dyed with bleach
accessorised with 3 stars printed with black stamp ink plus beige dyed well wasted label

washed, ironed n desinfected before shipping!

customer can not complain their scrap top due to the fact that it’s been handmade with lots of love and time.
I am always working on making my items last a lifetime as good as I can.
(if the piece is completely not wearable anymore cut/reuse it a third time as cleaning cloth for example, just be creative, i know u got it;))

if there are any problems please get in contact with me. :)